Tori Norton

I have been teaching yoga to seniors for more than a dozen years and doing yoga for over 2 decades. I’m eager to share the practice so no matter where you are, your practice can be available to support you to quiet your mind and be comfortable in your body. Yoga kindles gratitude and allows us to feel our best, so I can live from that place as we move through life. 

Each of my classes include subtle, powerful breath work and the underlying philosophies of yoga. A large portion of the poses in my classes are seated, supported or reclining and therefore are accessible to most people, even those new to yoga. 

My classes lend themselves to a home practice via zoom or recording because they’re slow paced, clearly explained and demonstrated and don’t involve a lot of transitioning up and down and up and down.  

During class I offer tricks to steady the mind and bring the power of breath into the poses. Poses aim to get your body familiar with being relaxed. When we find that juicy, awesome space, we pause to enjoy feeling good and let that medicine run through the body awhile, before bringing ourselves back into the real world, feeling clear, happy and centered.

Come give it a try!