About Me

Tori Norton

After a decade of teaching in studios, I expanded access by offering Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra via zoom, because they lend themselves to home practice. I continue to offer classes at Community Centers and in local studios where students can enjoy these quiet yet powerful practices, but they’re just as powerful via zoom. 

As a seated or reclining practice, both Yin and Nidra are accessible to everyone. During class I offer tricks to steady the mind and bring the power of breath into the poses. We can target specific ailments such as headaches or sciatica or general hip tightness with appropriate poses, but really it’s all about the breath, the poses are just there to challenge the breath and familiarize the body with a path to ease. Come give it a try!

My classes aim to get your body familiar with being relaxed, so calm can find you. When we find that juicy, awesome space, we pause to enjoy feeling good and let that medicine run through the body awhile, before bringing ourselves back into the real world, feeling clear, happy and centered.

I’ve been a practicing yogi since 1999 and I’m beyond grateful to have an established yoga practice at my disposal at anytime. No matter where I am, my practice allows me to be quiet and comfortable in my own body. It kindles gratitude and allows me to tap into my best self, so I can live from that place as I move through life. 

My wish is for everyone to have access to this wonderful skill, which is right beneath our noses. I’d be delighted to share this skill with you. Come join my classes.